Bone Grafting Melbourne

Good bone foundation is essential to the success of implant placement.

Your jawbone hardness and thickness is extremely important in the placement of dental implants.

When your bone is too soft or has insufficient volume (which can occur subsequent to gum disease, dental infection, trauma, or tooth infection) it may cause the dental implant to fail.

What happens if I do not have sufficient bone density?

In the past, patients with insufficient bone will be excluded from implant placement. However, with the advancement in bone grafting techniques, we can now graft and grow bone wherever it is needed.

Bone grafting can be done almost anywhere on your jawbone. This allows us to offer dental implants to almost everyone.

Bone Grafting: the treatment procedure

In most cases, bone grafting is a very simple procedure. Simple bone grafting is in fact a very gentle and straightforward process. Usually it can be done at the same time as the implant placement.

This procedure involves placing some bone at the implant site to build up the bone. It can be some of your own bone, synthetic bone, or bone minerals harvested from animals.

Most patients report a minimal amount of discomfort and swelling. At The Point Dental, we always prescribe medication to ensure that your recovery is as comfortable as possible.

Is bone grafting safe?

Yes, bone grafting has been shown to be an extremely safe procedure. You can be assured that if bone other than your own is required, we only use materials from a reputable, well-managed supplier. We only use the best!

Bone Grafting Melbourne

At The Point Dental, we are proud to offer this advanced procedure for the benefit of all our patients. Find out more about bone grafting from The point Dental in Melbourne.

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