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Common Misconceptions About All-On-4®

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Find Out The Truth About All-On-4®

Compared to dentures and old fashioned dental implants, All-On-4® is a relatively new procedure. It has only been around since the 90s and many dental practitioners aren’t qualified to implement All-on-4 technology.

When people come in and talk to our team about All-On-4®, they often have several misconceptions about the implants. To help you make an informed decision about your dental future, we’ve put together the following guide to clear up some of the most frequent and egregious misconceptions.

At The Point Dental, we have a qualified team of dental professionals who specialise in All-On-4®. Find out more about All-On-4®, and how we can get you both a beautiful smile and functional teeth.

Misconception #1: All-On-4® is extremely painful

There is a misconception that All-On-4® is an extremely painful procedure when, in actuality, it is one of the least painful dental implants available. The most unpleasant feeling likely to come from an All-On-4® implant is the swelling and discomfort that comes a few days after the surgery. This only lasts for a few days and can be effectively treated with conventional painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen. The actual procedure itself is not very painful at all.

Of course, everybody has heard a horror story about an unscrupulous dentist who promises only ‘mild discomfort’ for a procedure that actually turns out to be very painful! All-On-4®, however, was specifically designed to be a better and less painful alternative to traditional dental implants — which are painful for an extended period of time. With traditional dental implants, you could be out of action and in unpleasant pain for months. With All-On-4®, the discomfort is comparably mild and is much shorter in duration.

Misconception #2: All-On-4® is expensive

An All-On-4® procedure isn’t cheap, but compared to some of the traditional dental implants that are available, it’s an extremely cost-effective solution for people who need new rows of teeth. All-On-4® dental implants cost approximately half as much as other styles of dental implants.

And, unlike loose dentures, all the costs of All-On-4® implants are incurred upfront. There’s one operation, the teeth are installed, and then you’ll have a lifelong set of realistic-looking and highly functional teeth. Dentures can get lost, break, and get worn down. As you age, the shape of your mouth will change, and this eventually means that dentures have to be refitted and remade. All these changes and replacements cost money and time.

So, in comparison to the other options, All-On-4® is affordable, and there aren’t big, concealed costs to face down the road.

Misconception #3: All-On-4® implants are hard to clean

young woman brushing her teeth and looking in the mirror

This couldn’t be further from the truth! People tend to assume that All-On-4® implants will be hard to clean because they’ve had a history with loose dentures and have found those hard to clean.

The truth is that All-On-4® implants are incredibly easy to clean. Some people even tell us that it’s easier to clean them than it was to clean their original set of teeth.

Misconception #4: The All-On-4® procedure is complicated and difficult for patients

All-On-4® is a big procedure in terms of the outcomes it delivers for patients — teeth that look totally realistic and are just as functional as the real deal — and so they suspect it’ll be hard to have them put in place. In actual fact, it’s a fairly simple process.

First, you book in for a consultation, where we will get all the measurements we’ll need for your new teeth. During the first surgery, the implants are installed. Patients can be either asleep or awake for this step in the process.

During the second day of the surgery, the teeth are temporarily screwed in, and you get to have a look at your new smile. The bite is checked, as is speech functionality. Any necessary adjustments are made and, finally, the teeth are put in permanently in a third session.

Two weeks later, we check the implants at a review session. We continue monitoring the implants for six months, with a session bi-monthly, just to make sure that everything is still going smoothly. It’s as simple as that.

For affordable, functional, easy to clean teeth that look and feel fantastic, look no further than All-On-4®. Read more about the All-On-4® service we offer at The Point Dental.