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Patient Video Journey

Lyn's Dental Patient Video Journey with The Point Dental
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THE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY. Lyn had a massive fear of the dentists to the extent that all her teeth were failing. She knew she had to do something before it was too late. However she faced many hurdles along the way as no dental clinic in Bendigo could manage her dental fear. One of her local dentists decided to refer her to us to have her fear and her whole mouth rehabilitated. As the saying goes, the rest is history.
Anthony's Dental Patient Video Journey with The Point Dental
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Tears of joy - A smile is the most beautiful gift we can give to others. To have that privilege to create this smile for someone, to give to others, on a daily basis, is always the most humbling thing our team could have asked for. Gratefulness is how we all feel everyday at The Point Dental - grateful to be able to change people's life, by creating one great smile at a time.
Dental Patient Video Journey ~ I Don't Have to Hide Behind My Teeth
Read Czarina's Story
One of the reasons people are fearful of going to the dentists is that they don't want to be judged by the dentist. These unpleasant experiences were what stopped Czarina, a mother of 4 and a successful fitness trainer, from getting her teeth fixed...until she found out about us. We are so glad to be able to help Czarina overcome her fear and to achieve the amazing new smile she always wanted..all in 3 days! And believe it or not, being someone who is always full of energy, she went straight back to fitness training on the forth day after her transformation!
Missing Teeth Success Story - The Point Dental
Read Carl's Story
Another happy patient! It's amazing to see how's Carl's life has changed in almost every way. Not only does All-On-4 give Carl's back his confidence, it has also improve Carl's health significantly.
Peter's Dental Patient Video Journey with The Point Dental
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Distance means so little when something means so much. We are so proud of Peter for his courage in taking this tremendous step to change his smile after 20 years at The Point Dental!
Dental Patient Video Journey - How Kevin Regained His Confidence with The Point Dental
Read Kevin's Story
Never be fearful of what you have lost. It's incredible to see how Kevin took a step forward to regain his confidence with All-On-4 dental implants at The Point Dental.
Yi's Dental Patient Video Journey with The Point Dental
Read Yi's Story
Here, take a look on what this 21 year old girl has to say about All-on-4 and how this procedure transforms her life and gives her an amazing new smiles at The Point Dental
Stephen's Dental Patient Video Journey with The Point Dental
Read Stephen's Story
Stephen had always been very self-conscious of his smile. He had been suffering from very bad teeth condition for a very long time. His multiple bad dental experiences had also put him off from going to the dentist. However, Stephen always wished to have his teeth fixed before his 60th birthday.
Debbie's Dental Patient Video Journey with The Point Dental
Read Debbie's Story
It's great that Debbie loves her brand new smile as much as we do!