Mouthguard Melbourne

Do you play any contact sports? Then a custom-fitted mouthguard is a must!

Sporting injury is one of the most common causes of dental trauma. Injuries to the mouth can chip or knock out teeth, break your jaw, or cut your lips and tongue. This can be painful and disfiguring, leading to expensive and lengthy medical and dental treatments.

These injuries can be avoided or minimised if you wear a custom-fitted mouthguard, which helps to absorb and distribute the impact of a blow to your face.

Not all mouthguards are the same

There are various types of sports mouthguards available, from over-the-counter mouthguards available at your local pharmacy or store, to those custom-fitted by your dentist that fit perfectly to your teeth.

Over-the-counter products are not recommended as they rarely fit properly and they offer the least amount of protection on impact. They are usually very uncomfortable, making it difficult to breathe or talk.

Many professional athletes wear custom-fitted mouthguards made by dentists

At The Point Dental, we are dedicated to making sports mouthguards of the highest quality to ensure that you have maximum comfort and the best possible protection for your teeth and jaw. We only recommend custom-fitted mouthguards.

Mouthguard Melbourne

Find out more about custom fitted mouthguards from our Melbourne dentists here at The Point Dental in Victoria.

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