Tooth Implants

The most common procedure in implant dentistry is the replacement of a single missing tooth.

When you have a single missing tooth, restoring it with a tooth implant is undeniably the best long-term solution to improve your smile and functionality.

Replacing a missing tooth with a tooth implant

Single tooth implants can be the easiest or most difficult treatment in implant dentistry.

Placing a single implant in your mouth is straightforward in most cases. However, getting an aesthetically pleasing implant and crown that blends in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth is one of the most challenging obstacles.

This is because when you lose a tooth, your gum and bone start to shrink. For a back tooth, this may not be important aesthetically. However for a front tooth, taking extreme care to replace not only the tooth, but also the missing bone and gum is extremely critical in restoring your natural smile.

Your smile is in safe hands at The Point Dental

At The Point Dental, when it comes to implant dentistry, we understand the importance of doing it right the first time. Once the implant has fused with the bone, it is almost irreversible. This means that if it is not done properly the first time, it can be very difficult to achieve a natural, aesthetically pleasing look.

As with all our dental procedures, you can be assured that we always consider your aesthetic look. We practice aesthetic-driven implant dentistry.

Tooth Implants

Do you need to have a tooth replaced and are considering dental implants? Contact our friendly team and have your smile assessed by a professional today.

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