Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne

Keeping impacted wisdom teeth may cause more harm than good.

We aim to save every tooth we can. However, in cases where wisdom teeth become impacted, keeping them may cause you more trouble than they are worth.

Wisdom teeth usually appear in the late teens or early 20’s. Most adults have four wisdom teeth. If you are lucky, you may have fewer or none at all.

Wisdom teeth are usually not a problem if they erupt properly and become fully functional. However in many cases insufficient space can lead to impaction of the wisdom teeth and their removal may be necessary.

Symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth

If left untreated impacted wisdom teeth may cause a number of harmful problems. Some of these symptoms can be debilitating or even life threatening, including:

  • Extreme pain
  • Damage to nearby teeth such as decay or root resorption
  • Infection which can be serious and life threatening
  • Development of cysts or tumours

Not all impacted wisdom teeth will show any symptoms. Just because your wisdom teeth are not causing you pain, doesn’t mean that they are without problems!

Treat impacted wisdom teeth at The Point Dental

At The Point Dental, we routinely check for problematic wisdom teeth and will provide you with the best advice and care for your circumstances.

If wisdom teeth removal is required, we strive to ensure that you feel relaxed with minimal discomfort throughout the treatment. We also work closely with specialist oral surgeons for more complex wisdom teeth removal procedures.

Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne

For more information regarding wisdom teeth removal, contact our Melbourne dentist at The Point Dental today.

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