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White Fillings Melbourne

Hate those ugly silver fillings you have in your mouth? At The Point Dental, we can help!

Amalgam or “silver” fillings have been used for many years to fill teeth cavities. They were a great filling material in the past. However, with the advancement in white tooth-coloured materials, mercury-containing amalgams are no longer the material of choice. 

Concerns for aesthetics, environmental pollution, and the damaging effects on teeth (such as discolouration and long-term development of cracks) have made amalgam fillings unpopular. 

We’re an Amalgam-Free Dentist

At The Point Dental, we are an amalgam-free practice. We use white fillings of the highest strength and quality to restore your beautiful smile. A white filling is a safe, strong, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the traditional amalgam silver filling and it also preserves more of your natural tooth structure.

Our filling materials

We use composite resin for most of our white fillings. This material is free from mercury and can be colour-matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth. Composite resin can adhere nicely to your teeth and strengthen your remaining tooth structure. Excessive drilling is no longer necessary.

Besides composite filings, we also use glass ionomers, which release fluoride into the surrounding tooth structure. They are usually used in low-stress areas of the mouth or in conjunction with composite resins to maximise the benefits of both materials.

Lab-Fabricated White Fillings Melbourne, VIC

Lab-fabricated white fillings or full-coverage crowns may be necessary if your teeth have suffered extensive damage. At The Point Dental, we will assess your teeth thoroughly and recommend the best restorative material for your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do white fillings cost?

The cost of white cavity filling varies and depends on the size and location of the filling. Te more sever the tooth decay, the mor filling material is required. Typically, you can expect to pay between $50 and $200 per filling.

Can silver fillings be replaced with white fillings?

Yes, silver fillings can be replaced with white fillings. There are a few reasons you might consider replacing silver amalgam fillings with white. Maybe your silver fillings are starting to show, and you want a more cosmetic appearance. Or maybe you’re concerned about the health risks of silver amalgam tooth fillings (more on that below).

Whatever your reason for wanting to switch, the good news is that replacing silver fillings with white is entirely possible. The process for replacing fillings is pretty straightforward: the old filling is removed, and the cavity is cleaned out. Then, a new white filling is placed. 

At Point Dental, we offer safe, amalgam filling removals that Melbourne patients are looking for by applying the latest technology, world-class equipment and our personalised, caring approach.  

Are white dental fillings better than silver amalgam fillings?

The benefit of silver fillings vs white fillings is a difficult question to answer because there are pros and cons to both types of fillings. Silver, or amalgam, fillings have been used for many years and are a very effective way to fill cavities. They are also less expensive than white fillings. However, some believe silver fillings are less aesthetically pleasing than white fillings. And unlike composite fillings, silver amalgam fillings won’t strengthen your teeth.

White fillings, or composite resins, are made of a plastic and glass mixture and can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth. They are more expensive than silver fillings but may be more appealing to some people. Ultimately, the decision of which type of filling material to get is up to you and your dentist.

How long do white composite fillings last?

Generally speaking, white fillings can last for 5 to 10 years before needing to be replaced. However, they may eventually need to be replaced due to wear or damage. If you take good care of your teeth and see your dentist regularly, your white fillings should last for a long time.

Do white fillings have mercury?

No, white fillings do not have mercury. Mercury is a metal found in some dental amalgams (silver-coloured fillings). However, it is not present in white composite fillings.

Composite fillings are made of a glass or quartz filler and a resin binder. They are tooth-coloured and closely match the colour of your natural teeth. 

Dental amalgams are also known as silver fillings. They are made of mercury, silver, tin, and copper. Dental amalgams have been used for over 150 years and are considered safe.

How strong are white fillings?

White fillings are stronger than traditional amalgam filings. At The Point Dental, our white fillings are made of a strong, durable material that can last for up to 10 to 15 years with proper care. We recommend that patients brush and floss regularly and visit their dentist for regular checkups to maintain their oral health and prolong the life of their fillings.

Choose The Point Dental for Your White Fillings

The Point Dental wants to ensure that our patients have the best possible dental experience and outcome. We are proud to offer white fillings as a cosmetic option for those looking to maintain the appearance of their smile. While traditional metal fillings are still an effective treatment option, many patients prefer white fillings for aesthetic reasons.

White fillings are made of composite resin, a durable material that can last many years with proper care. However, like all dental treatments, white fillings are not permanent and will eventually need to be replaced. The lifespan of a white filling will depend on a number of factors, including the location of the filling and the amount of stress placed on the tooth. 

If you have a white composite filling that needs to be replaced, or if you are interested in getting white fillings for your teeth, please contact The Point Dental today to schedule an appointment. Our experienced team will be happy to help you achieve and maintain the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

For more information or to book a consultation, please call us on 03 8360 9998 or contact us online.

Stewart Anderson
Stewart Anderson
Have been going to this dentist since 2017 and I've had multiple visits most of the years since and I'm always amazed at how good they are ... Currently Olga is doing my dental work and she is caring and professional. Cannot be faulted. I have no hesitation in recommending this clinic. The best dentist I've ever been to.
Ashley and Danielle Miu
Ashley and Danielle Miu
I was so scared about going to the dentist and ashamed of the state of my teeth, I needed and chose to have All On 4 done. Wilfred and his team at The Point Dental, were very professional at all times, they made the experience a comfortable one with all of their support every step of the way. I even cried with joy after it was all done. I can now smile again without embarrassment. I already have and will again, highly recommend Wilfred and his team at The Point Dental. Sincerely Danielle Miu
Stan Davidson
Stan Davidson
Just the best
aZg3la aZgi3
aZg3la aZgi3
I've been visiting this clinic for 2 years. Dr Michael Seng is a friendly and caring dentist. I have recommend my friends and they are very happy with Dr Seng too. I have moved my children to see Dr Evelyn Teo in this clinic as Dr Seng is not accepting new patients. Dr Evelyn Teo has a sense of humour and she makes us feel comfortable. Both dentists, Dr Seng and Dr Teo, will give constructive feedback to improve our oral hygiene and explain everything in detail. If I could, I really want to give 10 stars for both of them.
Merrin Douglas
Merrin Douglas
4 years ago Wilfred and his team transformed my life with all in 4 implants best thing I ever did I’ve never felt so comfortable and safe in a dental setting everyone is so caring and attentive you guys are all the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart I can now eat and smile with confidence with my beautiful smile 😊
What can I say. Beautiful people, beautiful service. Just love their warmth and friendliness. Dr. Koon, Natalie and the whole team were just wonderful. Had a stress free experience here. Very highly recommended. ❤️
Rose Brown
Rose Brown
I just want to share with the world the incredible experience I had received from The Point Dental team.. And Wow, they are all just an amazing team. Professional, respectful, through, incredible pleasant and make you feel comfortable and at ease. They provide you with a step by step information, guidance and support. I could easily write a 3 A4 page review about how wonderful they are. I am so thankful that I attended The Point Dental. I highly recommend this company and without hesitation. A big thank you to Dr Wilfred Koon and all the staff whom looked after me from reception to the nurses and Anesthesics.
Jason Peal
Jason Peal
As always another great service to my teeth from the team at The Point Dental.Four years now with my all on four procedure, best decision I made for my dental health and the team at point dental are first class.
Michael Derrick
Michael Derrick
I highly recommend The Point Dental for anyone, but especially for people who have any stress or anxiety associated with the dentist. The front office team have been amazing, they are warm and friendly. I'd like to point out Natalie who has helped me from my first enquiry and has made be feel very welcome and comfortable. Dr Olga Kaini has been looking after me, she is friendly, highly professional, and has been very patient with me about my dental anxiety. She has done her best to make me feel comfortable and at-easy while in the chair and can't thank her enough. I have full confidence and trust that the team at The Point Dental have my best interest at heart. If you are looking for a dentist embodies professionalism, compassion and skill, then look no further. And if you think your dental anxiety gets too much, ask for the green whistle!