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Before and after visiting your dentist at Point Cook

Crafting healthy, beautiful smiles

Good dentistry can do so much more than help you eat comfortably. A healthy smile is wonder to behold. It increases self-confidence and brightens the day of everyone around you.

At The Point Dental, we’re experts in creating great smiles with proven results, using advanced teeth replacement solutions and methods. Best of all, our friendly service invites you to relax. We will create a detailed, long-term plan to improve your dental health, putting your fears at ease.

See the results for yourself. Our dentists are experts at:

  • Addressing gum disease, tooth decay and fixing old and damaged fillings
  • Replacing missing, chipped or broken teeth and dentures
  • Correcting stained, uneven, or other aesthetically-damaged teeth

All cases shown are real patients of The Point Dental. For videos of our patient’s journey please click here.

Problems : Problems: Missing teeth, unaesthetic smile, yellow teeth
Problems: Gaps between teeth, unaesthetic smile
Problems: Missing teeth, decayed black teeth
Problems: poorly designed crowns, uneven smile, fake looking teeth
Problems: Severe gum disease, severe movement of teeth
Problems: Missing teeth, multiple dental decays
Problems: Failing old front bridge, yellow teeth.
Problems: Gummy and uneven smile.
Problems: Chipped teeth
Problems: Crack teeth, decays, missing back teeth
Problems: Short worn chipping teeth, missing back teeth
Problems: Yellow teeth, defective old crowns, short teeth
Problems: Severe decay with multiple cracks
Problems: Black front tooth
Problems: Small teeth, chipping teeth
Problems: Missing tooth
Problems: Fake looking 2 upper front teeth
Problems: Black line under existing crowns, chipped crowns
Problems: Small gappy teeth, infected lower front teeth (due to trauma)
Problems: Failing upper denture, missing teeth
Problems: Uneven teeth, severe gum disease
Problems: Yellow and stained teeth
Problems: Gaps between teeth, defective fillings, yellow teeth
Problems: Chipped front teeth
Problems: Stained and uneven teeth
Problems: Missing tooth, with uneven teeth shape
Broken Tooth Before and After Problems: Broken tooth
Stained Upper Filling & Decay Before and After Problems: Stained upper old fillings with decay
Missing Front Tooth Before and After Problems: Missing front tooth
Severely Worn Down Teeth Before and After Problems: Severely worn down teeth
Gummy and Uneven Smile Before and After Problems: Uneven upper front teeth
Missing Teeth Before and After Problems: Missing teeth
Worn and Old Denture Before and After Problems: Worn and old denture
Worn and Dark Teeth Before and After Problems: Worn and dark teeth
Broken Tooth Before and After Problems: Broken front tooth
Cracked Back Tooth Before and After Problems: Cracked back tooth
Deep Stained Grooves with Decay Before & After Problems: Deep stained grooves with decay
Multiple Decays with Failing Old Filling Before and After Problems: Multiple decays with failing old filling