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All cases shown are real patients of The Point Dental. For videos of our patient’s journey please click here.

Problems : Problems: Missing teeth, unaesthetic smile, yellow teeth
Problems: Gaps between teeth, unaesthetic smile
Problems: Missing teeth, decayed black teeth
Problems: poorly designed crowns, uneven smile, fake looking teeth
Problems: Severe gum disease, severe movement of teeth
Problems: Missing teeth, multiple dental decays
Problems: Failing old front bridge, yellow teeth.
Problems: Gummy and uneven smile.
Problems: Chipped teeth
Problems: Crack teeth, decays, missing back teeth
Problems: Short worn chipping teeth, missing back teeth
Problems: Yellow teeth, defective old crowns, short teeth
Problems: Severe decay with multiple cracks
Problems: Black front tooth
Problems: Small teeth, chipping teeth
Problems: Missing tooth
Problems: Fake looking 2 upper front teeth
Problems: Black line under existing crowns, chipped crowns
Problems: Small gappy teeth, infected lower front teeth (due to trauma)
Problems: Failing upper denture, missing teeth
Problems: Uneven teeth, severe gum disease
Problems: Yellow and stained teeth
Problems: Gaps between teeth, defective fillings, yellow teeth
Problems: Chipped front teeth
Problems: Stained and uneven teeth
Problems: Missing tooth, with uneven teeth shape
Problems: Broken tooth
Problems: Stained upper old fillings with decay
Problems: Missing front tooth
Problems: Severely worn down teeth
Problems: Uneven upper front teeth
Problems: Missing teeth
Problems: Worn and old denture
Problems: Worn and dark teeth
Problems: Broken front tooth
Problems: Cracked back tooth
Problems: Deep stained grooves with decay
Problems: Multiple decays with failing old filling
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