Sleep Dentistry Melbourne and Geelong

Have you ever wished you could sleep through dental treatments? Imaging being so deeply relaxed that treatment is over before you know it.

Sleep dentistry at The Point Dental unique on- site General Anaesthetic Facility makes this possible.

At The Point Dental, we understand many patients are fearful about visiting the dentist. As Melbourne’s leading centre for patients with dental fear, we are committed to ensuring your experience at our clinic is as pleasant as possible.

See Dr Wilfred Koon on Seven Network current affairs program Today Tonight, talking about dental fear.</>

“We truly believe that painful dental experience is the past. The future is pain and fear-free dentistry

What is Sleep Dentistry under General Anaesthesia?

Sleep dentistry under General Anaesthesia allows you to receive dental treatment completely asleep without feeling anything. You will not feel, hear, or remember anything. It is the only way to experience completely pain and fear-free dental treatment.

“We are the ONLY dental clinic in Melbourne Western Suburbs and in Geelong to offer in-house General Anaesthesia, carry out by Specialist Anaesthetist, and is CLAIMABLE under Medicare”

This procedure is extremely safe and is carried out by our on-site team of Specialist Anaesthetists, and Registered Anaesthetic Nurse, who will look after you before, during, and after the procedure until you are discharged from our facility.

This means that there is no hassle of going to the hospital, and every dental treatment can be carried out in an environment that you are already familiar with.

Check out below how sleep dentistry helped Lyn overcome her severe dental fear. We are so grateful to be part of her journey!

Sleep Dentistry is useful if you experience any of the following issues:

  • Dental Fear or anxiety
  • Fear of needles or drills
  • Bad dental experiences in the past
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • If you need multiple procedures that require lengthy appointments
  • Have young children who require extensive treatment or is fearful of the dentist

Why Sleep Dentistry at The Point Dental

Tick One Team One Location

We are one of the few dental clinics in Australia to offer in-house general anaesthetic facility. There is no need to go to a second location or a hospital for your treatment. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to perform General Anaesthesia to the same standard of care as in a hospital, at the same time, ensuring dental treatment to be performed to a level that surpasses many times that of a hospital.

Tick Only Performed by Highly-Trained Specialist Anaesthetists

Due to our commitment in providing the safest and highest quality treatment to all our patients, all our sleep dentistry procedures are ONLY performed by fully qualified Specialist Anaesthetists, with an Anaesthetic Nurse always on-site to look after you. We do not allow general dentist, dental seditionist, or oversea-trained anaesthetist with restricted licence to put you to sleep. At The Point Dental, your and your kids safety always come first.

Tick Experienced In-House General Anaesthesia Provider in Australia

Our anaesthetic team have performed thousands of in-office general anaesthetic procedures combined. At The Point Dental, we run multiple general anaesthetic sessions on a weekly basis. We also have the capacity to run 2 general anaesthetic procedures concurrently at the same time. We live and breath sleep dentistry!

Tick Melbourne’s Leading Centre for Dental Fear Patients

We are experts in treating patients with dental fear. All of our staff are trained to provide quality dental care personally tailored to your needs, with a unique approach that ensures your comfort and safety every step of the way. We truly believe that virtually pain-free dental experience is the future.

Tick All Dental Procedures Can Be Performed under One Roof

We are truly a one-stop shop for all your dental needs! We are able to perform dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions, root canal treatment, cosmetic veneers, fillings, dental crowns, full mouth rehabilitation….all while you are safely asleep.

Tick Sleep Dentistry Fee is Claimable from Medicare

As all our sleep dentistry procedures are carried out only by fully qualified specialist anaesthetists, a significant portion of the fee is claimable under Medicare!

Why Sleep Dentistry under General Anaesthesia

There are 2 forms of sleep dentistry – under IV sedation or under General Anaesthesia. Sleep dentistry under general anaesthesia is the safest way of going to sleep, because:

  • Your airway is fully protected (that means no risk of material going down your throat or lungs)
  • Oxygen is continuously supplied to your lungs (that means you will always be breathing properly)
  • You do not move at all (that means you keep completely still for many of the delicate procedures we do in dentistry)
  • It can be carried out safely for a long duration (allowing us to perform multiple procedures in one session).
  • You will not feel, hear, or remember anything (do you know IV sedation is also called conscious sedation..which means you are conscious?)
  • It can only be performed by highly-trained Specialist Anaesthetists (we never compromised on safety)

“General anaesthesia is the only way to truly experience completely pain and fear-free dental treatment, in a safe environment”

Other Alternatives To Sleep Dentistry

Headphones & Eye Mask
We provide over-the-ear headphones for all patients as a standard of care. This allows you to listen to any music that you like to keep you relaxed and distracted. You can turn the music as loud as you like too, so that you don’t hear any of the procedure. We can also offer eye mask if you wish to not see anything during your treatment, so that you can be fully immersed in your music.
Recommended for: Patients with no or mild dental fear

Anti-anxiety Tablets
Anti-anxiety tablets such as Valium is a safe and effective way to reduce your anxiety. It is usually taken an hour before the procedure, and can last for many hours. Because of this, you need someone to drive you before and after your procedure. This method can be used together with headphones and eye mask for additional distractions.
Recommended for: Patients with mild dental fear, requiring long procedures

Penthrox Inhalation Sedation
Penthrox offers a similar effect to Valium in reducing your anxiety. However unlike Valium, it is self- administered, which means you decide when you need more relief simply by using an inhaler. It allows you to be in control. It works immediately, and its effect stops immediately after you stop using it. This means that you can drive before and after your procedure, and doesn’t affect your normal day-to-day activities.
Recommended for: Patients with mild dental fear, requiring short procedures

Intravenous (IV) Sedation
This is another form of sleep dentistry. Also called conscious or twilight sedation, this procedure involves administrating sedative directly into your veins, bringing you to a state of somewhere between being very sleepy and very relaxed in consciousness, and yet not unconscious. You will not feel pain, but will be aware of what is going around you. You can respond to verbal commands or touch stimulation, but may have little or no memory after the procedure. This procedure can be performed either by a general dentist trained in IV sedation, or an anaesthetist.

Our preference is for Sleep Dentistry to be performed under General Anaesthesia by a highly-trained Specialist Anaesthetist as its much safer.

Melbourne and Geelong

Due to our unique location midway between Geelong and Melbourne CBD in Point Cook, we are easily accessible by car or train from Geelong. We are only 30-40 minutes drive from Geelong, and the closest facility for sleep dentistry under General Anaesthesia for Geelong residents.

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne at The Point Dental

At The Point Dental, we understand that going to the dentist is never an easy decision for you. If you are nervous about going to the dentist, we are here to help! To find our more about how we can help, book your appointment today by calling us on 1800 NO FEAR or filling out our online form

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