White Fillings Melbourne

Hate those ugly silver fillings you have in your mouth? At The Point Dental we can help!

Amalgam or “silver” fillings have been used for many years to fill teeth cavities. They were a great filling material in the past. However with the advancement in white tooth-coloured materials, the mercury-containing amalgams are no longer the material of choice. Concerns for aesthetics, environmental pollution, and the damaging effects on teeth (such as discolouration and long term development of cracks) and health have made amalgam fillings unpopular.

Amalgam-Free Dentist

At The Point Dental, we are an amalgam-free practice. We use white fillings of the highest strength and quality to restore your beautiful smile. White fillings are a safe, strong, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional amalgam fillings.

Our materials

We use composite resin for most of our white fillings. This material is free from mercury and can be colour-matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth. Composite resin can adhere nicely to your teeth, and strengthen your remaining tooth structure. Excessive drilling is no longer necessary.

Besides composite filings, we also use glass ionomers, which release fluoride into the surrounding tooth structure. They are usually used in low stress areas of the mouth, or in conjunction with composite resins to maximise the benefits of both materials.

White Fillings Melbourne

If your teeth suffer extensive damage, lab-fabricated white fillings or full coverage crowns may be necessary. At The Point Dental, we will assess your teeth thoroughly and recommend the best restorative material for your individual needs.

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