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Our Technologies

We are committed to ensuring our patients enjoy a positive experience during their visits.

Modern dentistry has evolved significantly and now allows for a much greater experience than in the past. At The Point Dental we utilise the latest in dental technology to make our procedures faster, safer and more comfortable.

Please check out some of the technology we use below:

Digital Photo Imaging

We take photos of your teeth using a specialised camera to accurately highlight problems in your mouth that you may not have been aware of otherwise.

Digital Videography

We use digital videography in our in-house studio to help us design your smile. Facial videography gives us a 3-Dimentional view of your face so that your new smile would look great from every angle. It also allows us to monitor your speech, ensuring that you do not lisp with your new teeth.

Digital Intra-oral Radiography

We practise safe dentistry. We only use digital x-ray as images are instant, and the dosage is up to 90% lower than traditional film x-rays. It allows us to check for underlying dental problems such as decay, defective fillings and tooth infection.

Digital Panoramic Radiography (OPG)

We have an in-house panoramic machine to ensure that we provide the most comprehensive dental examination for all our patients. It allows us to check for dental problems deep within the bone such as jaw abnormality, impacted wisdom teeth and jaw infection. Examination through OPG is recommended every 5 years as a standard of care.

In-house Digital Cone Beam CT Scanner

Our dedicated in-house CBCT scanner allows us to produce high-resolution 3D images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone in a single scan, at a much lower radiation compare to conventional CT scan. There is no longer a need to go to a separate radiology centre for your 3D scans. This saves you time, and allow us to plan your treatment on the spot.

Virtual Implant Surgery

The placement of dental implants requires meticulous care in both planning and execution. In addition to our 3D CBCT scanner, we use a special software to plan your case digitally. We can plan everything from the brand of the implants, the length and diameter, the angulation, and whether bone grafting will be needed. Essentially, the surgery is already outlined digitally to ensure there are no nasty surprises when it comes to the real surgery.

Guided Implant Surgery

Once we have planned your surgery digitally, this information can be used to custom-make a precision surgical guide for the actual surgery if needed. These guides allow us to place the implants at the exact position and angulation with very high accuracy, ensuring no error in your surgery. Because of this technology, some implants can be placed with just a small key-hole made in the gums, without incisions and stitches, allowing a faster healing with minimal discomfort and pain.

In-house General Anaesthetic Facility

Our state-of-the-art General Anaesthetic Facility allows us to perform GA to the same standard as the hospital, at the same time ensuring that all dental treatments are performed to a level many times that of a hospital. Our facility allows us to run 2 GA sessions concurrently. We can provide a better service for our patients, such as when providing All on 4 implants in our Melbourne clinic.

Superior Equipment

All our equipment is TGA approved and chosen specifically for its quality, reliability and safety. We do not use cheap equipment that is unreliable, untested or risky.


Your health is our priority. We practise stringent infection control and all our instruments are sterilised to the highest standard to ensure no risk of cross contamination.