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Everyone Seems To Think That All A Dentist Does is Drill And Fill Teeth

Dental Procedure

Point Cook dentist, Dr Wilfred Koon, thinks otherwise. He says he’s not just in the job of fixing teeth, but to improve people’s quality of life.

“A smile has a profound effect on a person’s life,” explains Dr Koon. “Many studies have shown that smile attractiveness has a deep psychological and social impact. It affects how a person judges themselves and how they are judged.

“From my experience, what most patients want is to achieve a smile that allows them to be themselves, so that they don’t feel self-conscious about their teeth – and to feel confident again in their everyday social and professional lives.

“If you find yourself constantly hiding your smile, or embarrassed about your smile, don’t underestimate what good cosmetic dentistry could do in your life. It might just help your true character shine.”

Dr Koon is also passionate about helping others shed their dental fear.

“Many Australians delay seeking dental care due to fear and anxiety, until bigger issues such as pain or infection develop.”

He explains that delaying dental treatment can have a very negative impact on a person’s quality of life. Untreated dental diseases can lead to severe toothache, inability to eat or sleep, loss of tooth, and time off work or school.

Delaying dental treatment also affects their family, says Dr Koon. “While unknown to many, it’s well-documented that decay-causing bacteria can spread from parents to their children through kissing and sharing of cups or utensils, causing decay in their children’s teeth. This is why it is very important to maintain good oral health for the sake of your children!”

Dr Koon runs a practice that provides all facets of dentistry: implant, cosmetic, family and children’s dentistry.

He believes in prevention, and on doing things right the first time, rather than patching up teeth when they start breaking, which in many instances, is too late. “I prefers to steer away from ‘patch-up’ dentistry, instead focusing on avoidance of bigger dental issues that may develop in the future.”