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How You Can Benefit From Sleep Dentistry

Female Dentist with Scraper

Did you know that there are approximately 16% of Australian adults who suffer from dental fear?

Thousands of Australians would rather avoid visiting their dentist than receiving dental care, putting at significant risk their oral health. This fear is often associated with a person’s past experiences in the dentist chair or their fear of needles, drilling or grinding.

With the introduction of a breakthrough treatment– sleep dentistry – no longer will people keep putting off their visit to the dentist, and instead, they’ll be able to restore their oral health.

How sleep dentistry works

Sleep dentistry works to calm anxieties that a patient may feel, ensuring they feel relaxed and is asleep throughout the treatment process. During sleep dentistry, a patient will receive dental care whilst in a sedated state, and depending on the technique used, they won’t even have any recollection of the experience at all. The amount of sedation can range from mild (inhalation or oral sedation), to moderate (IV sedation), to very high (general anaesthesia).

If you have severe dental fear, or require long and complicated procedure, general anaesthesia would be the best form of sleep dentistry for you. With general anaesthesia, you will not be conscious during the procedure, which means there will be zero recollection of your dental experience. It is also extremely safe for long and complicated treatments because your dentist can work easily as you do not move at all.

The good news is that some of these services are claimable under Medicare.

Our clinic is also the only dental clinic in the western suburbs of Melbourne to be able to offer in-house general anaesthesia.

Benefits of sleep dentistry

The most significant benefit you will receive is the ability to undertake anxiety-free dental treatment, that will ensure your oral health care is up-to-date. Other advantages include:

  • You feel no discomfort.
  • There is little to no memoryof the dental treatment or procedure.
  • Less anxiety about follow-up visits to the dentist.
  • All complicated procedures can be performed at a dental practice instead of a hospital.
  • A dentist can work more easily with a cooperative patient and for longer, which allows more than one procedure to be undertaken in the single visit.

With sleep dentistry, there is no need for excuses to avoid your dental care. Ask for anxiety-free sedation on your next visit and benefit from a relaxed and comfortable experience.

Been putting off your dental care? Call us now to put an end to your dental anxiety!