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Is It Worth Getting All-On-4® Abroad?

all-on-4 overseas

Risks and Benefits of Dental Tourism for All-On-4®

Dental implants may seem like a significant investment. Many people may research the possibility of reducing the total cost by having All-On-4® dental implants abroad.

While having a holiday along with dental implants may seem like an appealing idea, it’s worth looking into the risks and benefits of dental treatments abroad.

At The Point Dental, we only use Nobel Biocare All-On-4® implants. Our dentists are trained through the MALO Institute and ensure the best possible outcome and ongoing care for your new teeth.

Is All-On-4® Dental Tourism Cheaper?

Overseas clinics may advertise All-On-4® for hugely reduced costs compared to the prices in Australia. However, once you include travel expenses, accommodation, meals and other incidental charges, it likely ends up just as expensive.

With these costs added to the treatment fee, the financial savings will likely be minimal. These travel costs aren’t a one-off expense. You’ll incur these costs again if you return to the same clinic for the six-month follow-up appointment or any post-implant issues that could arise.

It is important to remember that there’s more to consider than just the treatment fee when choosing a dental clinic for All-On-4® implants.

Why Do People Get All-On-4® Overseas?

People choose to have All-On-4® implants overseas to reduce the treatment fees of the procedure. Combining dental work with a holiday can make it a more appealing experience.

Taking a week or two to spend time in an exotic location and coming home with a brand new smile does sound great!

Some of the countries known for dental tourism in the Asia-Pacific region include:

  • Thailand
  • Dubai
  • The Philippines

Of course, these days travelling comes with some risks, whether it’s a health risk or political uncertainties.

Unfortunately, having the All-On-4® implant procedure overseas comes with added risks.

Risks Of Getting All-On-4® Overseas

Here are a few things beyond just the treatment fees that are worth considering before booking All-On-4® implants abroad:

You’ll need to stay for a month when you get All-On-4® abroad

All-On-4® implants are a much quicker procedure than conventional implants, but it’s best to stay near the clinic for at least four weeks after the procedure. Here’s why:

  • If your implant needs modifications, the dentist who did your All-On-4® implants can adjust them to fit perfectly
  • It’s safest to have the option of rapid response to any post surgical infection

There may be additional fees to getting All-On-4® overseas

Clinics or medical tourism companies may neglect to include fees for removing teeth or other dentistry required to prepare your mouth for All-On-4®.

You can’t attend an initial consultation for assessment before booking flights and accommodation, so it can be difficult for the dentist to assess what a successful procedure will entail.

Little time for the dentist to plan the procedure

all-on-4 prosthesis

All-On-4® is an involved procedure, and the final prosthesis should be customised to fit the unique shape of your mouth. For the best possible outcome, the dentist needs time to plan the procedure and tailor it to your specific patient profile.

A six month follow-up facilitates the best result

The initial treatment fee may not include a follow-up appointment. This appointment will ensure that the teeth are still correctly aligned.

Precise alignment of the prosthesis can make you more comfortable. It also helps with keeping the implants clean and healthy so that they last for a long time.

Complications may not be able to be resolved by a local dentist

Sometimes unforeseen issues can arise with dental implants, including All-On-4®. Before booking the treatment, find out whether the dentist uses Nobel Biocare implants or a cheaper version.

If any issue arises after you return home, your local dentist may not be able to guarantee a particular resolution. This especially applies if you get another brand of implants.

Be aware that any language barriers may lead to miscommunication

With an irreversible major dental procedure like All-On-4®, clear communication between the patient and the dentist is critical.

If you have discomfort during or after the implant process, you need to clearly explain to your dentist exactly what the issue is so they can resolve it for you.

Misunderstandings may add to the stress of a major surgical procedure when you aren’t in your home country.

Will All-On-4® Abroad Feel Like A Holiday?

Getting dental work done may not be the most relaxing holiday, even if everything goes smoothly. The focus each day will be attending appointments on time.

After the implant procedure, you’ll want to rest and recover. It’s not likely that you’ll be sipping cocktails by the pool once the implants are in place.

After surgery like this, many people find they are more comfortable in their own homes, recovering in a familiar environment.

Choose A Qualified Australian Dentist

With the above benefits and risks in mind, you may be considering the value of having All-On-4® in Australia.

Australian dentists have to meet strict standards for their qualification and ongoing education. When you choose an experienced local dentist, it’s much easier to access follow-up support and an initial assessment.

Here’s why a qualified local dentist is a better choice:

  • Your dentist has time to plan the procedure
  • There’s no need to travel to have adjustments
  • You can recover in the comfort of your home
  • You’ll have access to the pharmacy in your local area
  • Follow-up appointments don’t require overseas travel

As overseas travel has become uncertain, it makes a lot of sense to have All-On-4® treatment in Australia.

You can meet your dentist for an initial consultation before committing to the procedure, giving you time to make the best decision for your health.

At The Point Dental, we provide a complimentary initial consultation to more about our process. Our MALO Institute-trained dentists only use the highest quality All-On-4® implants from Nobel Biocare.