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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Woman with Dental Anxiety

Many people experience some level of fear associated with visiting the dentist and put off getting the dental care they need because of it. This can lead to serious problems and the need for more extensive restorative dental work.

Are you a visual learner? Check out our dental anxiety infographic here. 

People fear the dentist for a number of reasons, particularly bad past experiences or fear of needles and dental tools. Thankfully modern dentistry has come a long way and minimized a lot of the reasons why we used to fear the dentist. These days, dentistry has advanced considerably and with the latest technologies and techniques, many procedures are as painless as possible.

Ways to reduce anxiety at the dentist

  • Share your concerns and fears with the dentist, specialist, hygienist or reception staff when you make your appointment. By expressing your concerns your dentist will be aware and can tailor treatment to your needs.
  • Focus on breathing regularly and slowly throughout your appointment. When you’re nervous you tend to hold your breath, decreasing oxygen supply that can increase feelings of panic.
  • Bring along your favourite music. At The Point Dental, we offer in-house headphones so you can distract yourself and drown out sounds of the dental tools.
  • Avoid caffeine before your appointment, coffee increases your heart rate and can potentially contribute to your anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry at The Point Dental

Another method of reducing dental anxiety is through sedation. At The Point Dental, we are happy to provide a range of sedative options to allow you to relax during treatment.

If you have dental phobia, unpleasant past experiences, have difficulty achieving numbness, have a severe gag reflex or need multiple procedures in a lengthy appointment then sedation dentistry might be for you.

At The Point Dental, we employ three methods of sedation to ease your anxiety;


Similar to nitrous oxide (laughing gas), Penthrox is a very safe, common and mild form of sedation and pain relief. It is self-administered and works immediately to elevate your anxiety. After using Penthrox you can still drive home and go about normal daily activities.


IV sedation induces a drowsy, sleep-like state of consciousness to reduce pain and awareness, at the same time leaves little memory of the dental procedure. A specialist anaesthetist administers IV sedation and you will be constantly monitored throughout the process. Afterwards you will need someone to drive you home.

General Anaesthetic

The Point Dental also offers in-house General Anaesthetic. This allows treatment to be efficiently completed without any discomfort. You will be unconscious under general anaesthetic. It is completely safe and carried out by our highly experienced, specialist and professional team.

We are committed to your comfort and our aim is to ensure you have a positive and pleasant experience. With a range of sedation options available, if you experience dental anxiety or fear talk to the friendly team at The Point Dental.