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Sleep dentistry costs and considerations

sleep dentistry costs and considerations

Sleep dentistry is an effective  solution to dental fear

Dental fear is common, but delaying or skipping dental work can make dental issues more complex and more daunting. Sleep dentistry is an appealing option for patients with dental fear, as it enables you to receive necessary treatment while fast asleep.

The Point Dental is Melbourne’s leading dental practice for sleep dentistry and specialises in helping patients to cope with their dental fear. Learn more about the considerations and costs of sleep dentistry and contact us today to book your next appointment.

Coping with dental fear

Preparing for complex or lengthy dental work or anticipating a dental visit can feel overwhelming. If you experience dental fear or dental anxiety, you may delay an appointments or forgo treatment altogether.

At The Point Dental, we have the specialised training and expertise to help fearful or anxious patients overcome their concerns and receive treatment in a safe and judgement free environment.

Dental fear or anxiety can be a source of embarrassment and insecurity. Our warm, friendly and professional team are well equipped to provide personalised and effective treatment solutions.

Searching for ‘sleep dentistry’

sleep dentistry melbourne

If the prospect of receiving dental work without hearing, feeling or remembering anything let’s you breathe a sigh of relief, you may be researching your options for ‘sleep dentistry’.

Sleep dentistry utilises general anaesthetic or sedation to allow the patient to sleep while the dentist gets to work. When searching for a dentist that offers sleep dentistry in Melbourne, you may wish to consider:

  • Is the dentist accredited?
  • Is the general anaesthetic administered at the clinic or in a hospital?
  • Is the anaesthetist accredited?
  • Where is the dental clinic located?

The Point Dental is fully accredited with the Australia Dental Association (ADA) and compliant with internationally recognised health standards. This is important in ensuring patient safety, quality of treatment, and peace of mind.

Furthermore, The Point Dental is one of the few Australian clinics to offer an in-house general anaesthetics procedure – avoiding the need to visit a hospital. It is important to note that sedation or general anaesthetic is provided by an accredited anaesthetist, with a registered nurse to assist.

Which treatments can I have?

Sleep dentistry is often possible for both children and adults if they are medically fit for sedation. This is determined by the anaesthetist in a consultation prior to the treatment.

Most dental procedures can be performed during sleep dentistry and some of the common ones include:

  • Implants (including All-on-4)
  • Fillings
  • Root canal
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Multiple extractions

Depending on the extent of your dental fear and anxiety, it is possible a lighter form of sedation will be suitable such as IV sedation, an oral sedative, or nitrous oxide.

Costs of sleep dentistry

At The Point Dental, we are understand the costs of dental treatment are an important consideration for patients. We are clear about communicating costs from the outset and ensure patients are fully informed prior to treatment.

The costs of sleep dentistry depend on the dental treatment you are receiving whilst you are asleep. If it is a long and complex procedure, it may be more expensive. To find out dentistry sedation costs and the costs of your treatment, you will need to book a consultation.

A significant portion of the fee for sleep dentistry is often claimable under Medicare. Some Private Health Insurance policies may also offer rebates. The Point Dental offer flexible and accessible payment options including affordable payment plans and early release of superannuation. To learn more our payment options visit our website.

How to book a consultation

Staying on top of your dental issues is important for your overall health. If dental fear is an obstacle for you, it will likely be beneficial to discuss the costs and consideration of sleep dentistry with us.

You can request your next consultation at The Point Dental via our online booking system or call us and our friendly staff will happily assist. Our wonderful team of dental fear and sleep dentistry experts are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy smile that lasts.