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Why general dentistry is important for your overall health and wellbeing

The history of general dentistry and what it means today

When it comes to health, the mouth is one of the most important elements of the human body. Not only do we use it to sustain ourselves with food, water, and air. It’s also one of the main tools we use to interact with the world. We use our mouths to communicate in so many ways, from talking to conveying expression.

Protection of the mouth is of utmost importance to every human being. And general dentistry is the first line of defence against issues that can have dire consequences for the rest of the body.

Historically, general dentistry has been on the frontline of treatment. The earliest known treatment of dental issues dates back over 9000 years — highlighting the importance our ancestors placed on good dental care.

The mouth is full of so many different parts, meaning it is prone to many different issues that can affect its health and overall working order. This is why issues with the mouth are not treated by a general practitioner doctor. There’s so much going on in the mouth that it requires its own speciality.

This is our introduction to general dentistry. If you’d like to learn more about the different segments of general dental treatments, read on and follow the links to our other resources.

So what does general dentistry mean?

dental examination

When considering dental care, an important question that people ask is ‘what is considered general dentistry?’. General dentistry is the general evaluation, examination, and diagnosis of issues that affect the mouth, jaw, and maxillofacial area. These issues can include diseases, disorders, and other related conditions that affect the oral cavity.

In short, general dentists are the general practitioners of the mouth.

What are general dental treatments?

General dental treatments are more common, everyday dental issues that can be undertaken by a general dentist.

Preventative dentistry

Preventative dentistry is the practice of consistently and thoroughly cleaning and examining the teeth for any other general dental issues. With a biannual check-up with your dentist, preventative dentistry can help you maintain good oral health all year round.

Emergency dentistry

Emergency dentistry comes into play when there is a dire dental situation that needs immediate attention. Common emergency dental issues include serious pain and discomfort, avoidable tooth loss, and consistent bleeding that cannot be stopped. If you are in need of emergency dental, it’s best to call ahead right away.

Children’s dentistry

Children’s dentistry requires special understanding of the mouth of growing children, plus a delicate bedside manner in order to make children feel safe. If your child suffers from dental fear, be sure to contact The Point Dental. We specialise in managing dental fear for people of all ages.

Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth can be an incredibly painful problem. If left untreated, they can become infected and potentially cause a number of critical health issues. At The Point Dental, we can remove wisdom teeth using a variety of methods. Book an appointment with us and we’ll work together to find the best solution for you.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment denotes the quick treatment of tooth infections before they spread to the nerve chamber in the root of the tooth near the gums. Letting infections spread in this area can lead to potentially life-threatening consequences if the infection forms an abscess. Thankfully, The Point Dental can easily and successfully remove infected nerves when they occur.

Gum care

Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to plenty of periodontal problems, otherwise known as gum disease. You may be familiar with the big ones like gingivitis and periodontitis. Thankfully, these issues can be reversed with superior gum treatment from The Point Dental.

Pregnancy dentistry

Pregnant women require sensitive general dental treatment. Due to changes in the body via hormones, teeth and gums can be more receptive to plaque and other issues. If you are suffering from morning sickness, vomiting can also affect the health of the mouth. Visit us at The Point Dental for the absolute best in pregnancy dental care.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer can be one of the most serious conditions a person can face. You can get on to it early and have it treated with oral cancer screening from The Point Dental. Anything from sun exposure to sexually transmitted diseases can cause oral cancer, so it’s always wise to have it checked biannually.

Sports mouthguards

Nothing signals the sporting season quite like the rush to get mouthguards. No matter if you are a child or an adult, you need a new sports mouthguard every year to protect your teeth and jaw from collisions in all kinds of sports. And they are not just for contact sports, too. Skydivers, surfers, and even shotputters can benefit from a sports mouthguard.

Grinding nightguards

Do you grind your teeth at night? If you do, you are just like 10 per cent of the population. Grinding, or bruxism, can be treated with a relatively simple application of a nightguard. If you want to protect your teeth while you are unconscious, a grinding nightguard is for you.

Bad breath

Bad breath, or halitosis, can be a source of insecurity for those who suffer from it. If you think you have bad breath, there’s more than likely an easy solution to your problem. Get in touch with The Point Dental, and we’ll address the root cause of the issue causing bad breath, allowing you to get on with life.

More serious dental issues have their own speciality. Read on to learn more about what is considered to be outside of the realm of general dentistry.

What is not considered ‘general dentistry’?

There’s a lot going on in and around your mouth. From strong but delicate teeth, to the workings of the jaw, there are a number of specialities and disciplines involved in general dentistry. This specialisation is important to ensure that you are getting the best possible care.

Some specialisations outside of general dentistry include:

  • Maxillofacial surgeons concerned with the greater structure of the jaw and face
  • Endodontists who examine the structure and function of the human tooth
  • Oral pathologists who can recommend advanced procedures to deal with diseased or cancerous elements of the mouth
  • Orthodontists who specialise in the correction and alignment of problems in growing teeth
  • Periodontists who examine underlying issues affecting bone and soft tissue that supports teeth
  • Prosthodontists who specialise in replacing and restoring teeth with implants, crowns, and bridges

A general dentist can recommend further examination and treatment by any of the disciplines above. If you have a medical problem in your mouth or face and aren’t sure of what to do, it’s always best to book a general dental appointment sooner rather than later. Quick treatment can prevent your situation from getting worse.

How much does general dentistry cost?

The cost of general dentistry will largely depend on your unique situation and the treatment required to prevent dental issues from getting worse. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to give a correct quote without a proper examination.

The best way to understand the costs associated with general dentistry is to book a general dental appointment with one of our dentists at The Point Dental. Our dentists will give you a clear and transparent idea of how much your treatment will cost.

What can general dentistry help prevent?

general dentistry prevention

General dentistry can help prevent a range of issues that can directly affect the teeth, tongue, gums, and mouth in general. These include:

  • Cavities, leading to tooth decay
  • Gingivitis, and other gum diseases like periodontitis
  • Enamel loss that can lead to faster degradation of the teeth
  • Oral cancer, if screened and attended to early

More generally, general dentistry can help prevent a range of indirect health issues that can result from poor dental health, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Respiratory disease

Give your body the best chance at a long and healthy life by practising proper dental hygiene and seeing your general dentist frequently for checkups.

Is general dentistry worth it?

Yes! General dentistry is definitely worth it. It is your frontline defence against worsening dental issues, some that can lead to serious, long term health problems in the rest of the body. You owe it to yourself to follow a regular general dentistry regime. This can be as simple as a check-up with your dentist every 6 months.