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Zygoma dental implants – what are your options?

zygoma dental implants what areyouroptions

Zygoma implants are an outstanding technique with long lasting results

Zygoma dental implants are a remarkable procedure used to restore full sets of upper teeth. Zygoma are distinct from traditional implants as they involve attaching the implant to the cheekbone (zygoma) rather than the jawbone.

One of the main benefits of zygoma is that it offers an alternative to bone augmentation (or bone grafting). For this reason, although it requires surgery – it’s a shorter and more comfortable implant procedure.

If you’re seeking dental implants for functional and aesthetic teeth restoration, contact The Point Dental today.

When is zygoma an option?

Our facial bone structures vary and for some people the jawbone is insufficient to attach an implant. Sometimes our jawbone can be damaged and bone loss or shrinkage can be exacerbated over time by teeth extraction or dentures.

Zygoma implants are longer than other implants so they can extend passed the upper jaw and anchor in the cheekbone. It’s common for zygoma to be used in conjunction with traditional implants. In this instance, the Zygoma implants are usually situated at the back of the mouth and the standard ones at the front.

At The Point Dental, we utilise the latest in digital technology to determine the condition of your jawbone. Our dentists specialise in implant treatment and will advise with precision, whether you are a suitable candidate for zygoma or a combination of implants.

What are the stages of zygoma implant treatment?

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After initial consultations – if it is established that zygoma implants are the best solution, the scans will be used for meticulous planning of the surgery and placement of the implants.

The implant procedure itself takes place in a day/ single appointment. The procedure is most commonly performed under local anaesthetic but can also be performed under sedation or general anaesthetic. 

Within three days of the surgery a full set of teeth can be connected to the implants. Given that this is a significant procedure, it may take up to four months for patients to completely recover from zygoma implant treatment.

However, the improvement to quality of life after the treatment is immense and rest assured you are supported each step of the way. The Point Dental are also experts in dental fear and regularly help patients overcome such fear to receive the treatment they need.

Where does the procedure take place?

The procedure is performed in one location only, at our Point Cook dental clinic and in-house General Anaesthetic facility.

Our highly trained team of dentists, anaesthetists, laboratory technicians and dental surgeons take care of you from the beginning of the procedure throughout recovery.

If you are receiving anaesthetic during your treatment, you will need to arrange for a friend to collect you.

Benefits of zygoma implants

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The benefits of Zygoma implants are numerous and patients often describe the overall results as life-changing. Aside from dramatic aesthetic improvement of once again having healthy looking teeth and gums, some of the key functional benefits include:

  • Freedom to eat what you like
  • Secure teeth
  • No more denture sore spots
  • Long term tooth support

The zygoma implant technique is sophisticated and yields impressive results. Patients are usually pleased to avoid bone grafting, which is a lengthy procedure. The quicker healing time with zygoma and the low maintenance afterwards are also huge pluses.

Can you fund Zygoma implants using super?

If you are considering zygoma implants but are concerned about the cost, you may wish to explore the option of early release of superannuation (ERS) funds. Superannuation is ordinarily released when you are 65 years old, but many funds allow access earlier for out of pocket dental expenses.

Your eligibility to access ERS funds should be discussed with your individual superannuation fund. We also suggest checking in with your financial advisor, to be sure ERS is the best way forward.

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At The Point Dental, implants form a large part of our practice. We provide dental solutions that utilise cutting edge technology, up to date techniques and a wealth of expertise.

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