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Alternatives to dentures

Are you fed up with the inconvenience of dentures? Not able to eat all your favourite foods through risk of damaging your dentures? Is talking difficult? Do you suffer from dentures slipping forward your mouth? Dentures can have great effect on your everyday life making even the most simple of tasks embarrassing and difficult.

What are my options?

Although every individual case varies and it’s recommended you see one of our trained professionals to undertake a personalised consultation, typically Dental implants are able to offer a more permanent solution for patients unhappy with their current dentures. Dental Implants are considered the closest thing to a natural tooth, they are able to restore normal function and appearance to your smile without the loose and uncomfortable feeling of dentures.

What’s the dental implant treatment process?

Dental implants are a long-term solution. They replace the entire structure of the tooth including the tooth root, regaining the strength and durability of natural teeth.

First, the implant is surgically placed beneath the gumline and left to fuse with the underlying jawbone. This fusing process is necessary to ensure the strength and durability of the implant.

Once the implant area has healed an abutment is attached which will be used to connect the implant to the crown.

The crown is placed last. It is colour and size matched to ensure the implant looks as natural as possible.

What is the treatment time?

Times can vary greatly depending on each induvial case and the severity of the issue, generally single dental implants can take approximately  3 months to be completely placed.

The lifetime of implants can vary from case to case, well looked after implants can last a lifetime. It is therefore recommended you take good care of the replaced tooth and employ a daily oral hygiene routine as well as visit The Point Dental for regularly check-ups and cleans.

What if I’m missing all my teeth?

While single dental implants are the most natural option they can be expensive for patients with a full arch of teeth missing.

In those cases, All-on-4 may be recommended as an alternative to dentures. All-on-4 is a full arch replacement stabilised by 4 dental implants. This provides the ease of a full arch denture with the strength and durability of an implant.

Alternatives to dentures

For a full list of your tooth replacement options and a treatment plan catered to your specific needs and desires, contact the friendly team at The Point Dental to organise a consultation and assessment.