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I’m scared of the dentist

Has your deteriorating oral health left you feeling scared and embarrassed to visit the dentist? Does the thought of sitting in the dental chair give you anxiety?   Sounds of the dental drill get you threating? If so, know that you’re not alone. Many of our clients have told us, that the thought of visiting the dentist can be scary.

At The Point Dental we understand that some of our patients may be fearful about visiting the dentist, so we ensure we do everything possible to make their experience as worry free and pleasant as possible. As you enter through our front doors you will be met with soothing music before you are greeted by our extremely friendly and approachable staff. During treatment we even offer the option of headphones to block out any noises which may make you feel uncomfortable.

Specifically designed to help our patients relax and feel at ease our practice offers a friendly and comfortable environment. As well as offering a relaxing and calming environment we also offer two of the very latest in sedation techniques to keep our patients comfortable during their treatment. The first of the techniques offered is Penthrox, a form of inhalant sedation similar to happy gas or nitrous oxide.  Here at The Point Dental we also offer intravenous sedation for those patients that require a higher level of sedation.

To find out more about our sedation options please click here.