Here at The Point Dental we work closely with specialist orthodontists, to ensure you get the correct treatment for you

At The Point Dental our priority is to ensure you get the correct treatment for your individual case. For this very reason we work very closely alongside specialist orthodontists, to whom we are able to refer you should orthodontic treatment be required.

When it comes to orthodontic treatments, patients tend to go with the options of either, traditional metal braces or the revolutionary Invisalign treatment.

Traditional braces

Using a combination of metal brackets and wires, traditional braces provide a solution to a range of different orthodontic issues including, overcrowding and problems with alignment. These metal brackets and wires work to slowly shift teeth into the desired position, creating a better-shaped arch and correcting issues with a patient’s bite. In a majority of cases, orthodontists will also use a range of elastics which will aid in the correction.

Traditional braces can often be a cost effective option when addressing the straightening of your smile. Beneficial for adults and children, this family-friendly option offers a cost effective, tried and tested solution for addressing significant orthodontic issues.  Metal braces are able to be customised with coloured brackets and elastics, allowing patients to feel more comfortable about the appearance.


Invisalign is revolutionary, virtually invisible solution to improving your smile. Invisalign offers a fully removable, comfortable and hygienic system which is capable of treating a number of orthodontic problems. Capable of treating alignment issues such as overcrowding, gaps, under bites and overbites, Invisalign offers an alternative to traditional braces.

Using a series of removable clear plastic aligners which are changed as your teeth begin to shift, Invisalign gradually, gently pushes teeth into the desired position. Clear aligners work without the need for brackets or wires and are custom fitted to correctly fit each individual tooth. Being custom made, patients often find the aligners to be comfortable to wear. Their custom design and transparent appearance means they are virtually invisible and go unnoticed making them the perfect solution for adults concerned about their aesthetic appearance.

Orthodontic treatment

Here at The Point Dental, we offer a range of cosmetic and general dental treatments to ensure we keep our patients smiling. Our main priority is the health and wellbeing of our patients, for this reason we work very closely with orthodontic specialists to ensure on going dental health. Should our patients require orthodontic treatment we will ensure we prepare them for and refer them to an orthodontist which can handle their individual requirements. If you have any questions regarding orthodontic treatment or any of the treatments we offer in practice, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly staff today.

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