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How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

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Dental crowns are a treatment that can make a big difference to your smile. Finding a good dentist who knows what they are doing will impact the end result.

Crowns need to be personalised and designed to correctly fit your tooth. Every tooth is different and any slight imperfection in this fit can increase the risk of crown failure in the future.

How much do crowns cost?

The cost for dental crowns in Australia ranges from $1100 to $2000.

Dentistry has become very competitive over the years and with the economy demanding cheaper consumables, dentistry has moved in the direction of a cheaper alternative offering budget or economy crowns.

We understand that price can be a huge influencing factor in the patient’s decision when choosing a dental provider. Everyone wants to get a product at a good price or to get a good bargain. The only problem with this is that you very often get what you pay for. While a budget or economy crown can be a cheaper and more affordable choice at the time, it may not necessarily save you money over time. Cheaper, budget crowns have a higher likelihood of failing in the short term, resulting in the crown having to be remade, therefore costing you more.

How do I choose a good dentist to do a crown?

As a crown is a major financial purchase it is recommended to look for the following in your dental practitioner:

Exceptional craftsmanship

  • The crown must be designed properly to fit the prepared tooth. Any gaps or defects in the crown margin can lead to food getting stuck inside the crown, causing problems in the future (such as decay, bad smell, gum infection, and pain).
  • Over cutting the tooth can increase the risk of the tooth dying.
  • All decay should be removed from the tooth, preserving as much of the healthy tooth structure as possible.

Keen Eye for Detail

  • Every crown is a work of art and the dentist must be able to accurately match the colour of the tooth to the adjacent teeth, even adding in those little things that make your teeth unique to you. You don’t want your crown appearing fake and noticeable. A crown should blend with your existing teeth giving you a natural looking smile.
  • Even the length of the crown needs to be accurate so as not to change your facial image or change the natural function of your teeth.

Highly Qualified Dentist

  • It is important that the dentist knows his “stuff”.
  • Continuing education is very imperative. Dentistry is always improving at a rapid pace. Your dentist should be constantly updating his knowledge and skills.
  • With this advanced knowledge, your dentist will not only be looking at your tooth as an individual but will be taking into consideration your other teeth to prevent risks in the future, one of which being cracked teeth.
  • Your dentist should also be highly experienced and have dealt with many different cases requiring crown work.

High-quality Laboratory

  • Be sure the laboratory that creates the crown is a local one that does not outsource the work to overseas labs (or pretend it has been made locally). Try to be sure it will be made in Australia by an experienced lab technician with good craftsmanship.
  • A poor quality crown can break easily and look unnatural. Some overseas labs have been found to use poor quality material.
  • Good communication between the dentist and the lab technician is also very important so that the perfect crown is created for you. After all, it is a team effort to produce the best result.

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