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Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Smile

Dr. Koon Dental Phobia Newspaper Clipping

Do you judge a person within the first few minutes of meeting them? However hard we try not to, the vast majority of us are guilty of subconsciously summing someone up soon after that initial meeting. Often a smile plays an important role because it is always noticed first.

Many studies have shown the importance of having a decent smile. People with nicer teeth will often enjoy more success in their personal and professional lives. Sharing your smile makes you more approachable, trustworthy, and more confident. In spite of this, many of us still underestimate the power of a nice smile.

This is something, Dr Wilfred Koon, the principal dentist at The Point Dental, understands all too well. Dr Koon has a real passion in helping people improve their life, by creating beautiful smiles that allow their true character to shine.

“A smile definitely has a big impact on a person’s lives. We have seen many patients who were initially too embarrassed to smile. They look unhappy, and sometimes even angry. After getting their teeth fixed, their life literally changed. They no longer feel self-conscious about their teeth, and they become so much more confident. It’s a wonderful feeling, not only for the patients but also for our team.”

If you feel cosmetic dentistry is unaffordable, then you may want to rethink this opinion. According to Dr Koon, this is due to all the hype in the media that make it sounds like the holy grail of dentistry.

“Cosmetic dentistry should be an integral part of restoring an unhealthy mouth to a healthy one, regardless of whether it is a simple procedure like getting a filling done or a complex procedure like getting your whole mouth reconstructed. “

“All dental work should be aesthetically-pleasing. Different procedures can produce different results. But the final outcome should be the same – you should feel good about your smile. It’s all about understanding the options, and decide what is best for yourself.”

Dr Koon jokes, “Its like going to a hairstylist, regardless of whether you are getting your hair blow-dry, cut, or permed, you want to always walk out looking great.”

For patients with dental fear, Dr Koon also explains that getting a great smile is no longer a barrier. “If you are fearful of seeing a dentist, sleep dentistry is definitely a great option to consider”.

These days, you don’t need to be a well-known celebrity to have a nice smile. A nice smile is a powerful thing. It can change your mood, your action, and even your life. A great first impression is important, and having a beautiful smile is definitely the very best way to start!