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Teeth and Aging: How can I look younger? (Infographic)

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teeth and aging infographic

When we think of the typical signs of ageing, we think of wrinkles and grey hair, but our teeth can give away our age too. Over time, they change and can add years to our appearance. However, there are options for us to wind back the clock and refresh and rejuvenate our smile.

Brighten your smile

White, bright teeth are associated with youth and vitality. Ageing affects the outer layer of tooth enamel, wearing it down over time and exposing the yellowish dentin layer underneath. Stains also build up over time, from things like smoking, coffee and wine, and can leave you feeling less than lustrous.

Through good dental and oral hygiene (as well as having a professional clean twice a year) you can keep your smile white and young. If you have stains you want to remove talk to your dentist about professional teeth whitening. In about an hour you can take years off and have a brighter, whiter smile.

Restore alignment

As we age our teeth shift and chewing and clenching wears them down and causes them to move even more. If your teeth are crooked it can make you reluctant to show your smile. Thankfully, getting straight teeth doesn’t mean you need traditional metal braces. Move and align your teeth discreetly without pain, discomfort or embarrassment with Invisalign.

Fix damaged and missing teeth

Having missing, damaged or broken teeth ages our appearance quickly, and can lead to potentially serious oral health issues. You can repair damaged or uneven teeth with porcelain veneers and crowns. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants – permanent and custom, they are made to match the teeth around them and stop the degenerative effects of tooth loss.

With modern dental treatments, it’s easy to refresh and revitalise your smile. To discuss your smile makeover options, talk to the friendly, professional dentists at The Point Dental today.