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Is All-On-4® Worth It?

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All-On-4® is a cost effective, graft-free type of dental implant, and it has improved the lives of countless people. However, as with all elective procedures, it’s not something to be rushed into without due consideration. Before you make up your mind about whether or not to get an All-on-4 implant, find out what is involved. Then, evaluate the merits of All-On-4® and the alternatives, like dentures and other kinds of dental implants.

To help you decide whether All-On-4® is worth it for you, we have put together the following guide. Take note of the important information about All-On-4®, and see how it compares to other courses of action. Then, if you’ve decided that All-On-4® really is the best option, we’ll show you what to do next.

Our team at The Point Dental is highly trained, and can effectively apply an All-On-4® dental implant. We can provide you with information about the procedure, give you a new set of teeth, and help you take care of them afterwards.

What is All-On-4®?

All-On-4® is a revolutionary technique that has changed the field of dentistry. It can replace all missing teeth on an arch with only 4 screws (hence, they are all on 4). It is a relatively new procedure, having been invented in 1998.

The installation of All-On-4® is simple.
Two screws are placed parallel in the front of the jaw, and two are put in the back at a tilt of 45 degrees. The tilting greatly increases support over the entire jaw. It compensates for bone deficiencies that might be present, especially in older people.

If you are missing most of your teeth — or are headed that way — you might want to consider All-On-4®. It doesn’t require any bone grafting, and patients can recover in as little as 1-3 days. It’s also a predictable procedure; with a 98% success rate, it’s one of the most straightforward treatments in dentistry.

With All-On-4®, You’ll Have A Reason To Smile

All-On-4® can restore simple joys to a person’s life. Something as simple as biting into an apple can make all the difference. Then, there’s also the improved confidence that comes with having a full set of teeth. All-On-4® is a great choice for people who:

  • Have decayed or broken teeth that would be difficult to fix
  • Suffer from advanced gum disease
  • Don’t want to endure dentures
  • Have insufficient bone in their jaws for other methods of implants

What Makes All-On-4® Better Than Dentures?

There are many negatives to having dentures. With non-permanent false teeth, people experience many problems:

  • Having to replace the dentures because they become ill-fitting over time
  • If they don’t fit perfectly, they can get in the way of speech
  • Discomfort caused by having loose dentures rub against the sensitive gums
  • Multiple appointments are necessary to re-fit the dentures to the mouth
  • They can cause slight discomfort if rub against the gums
  • It’s annoying to have to constantly take them out and put them back in again
  • If they get lost, they are costly to replace

Patients who receive All-On-4® implants should experience none of these issues.

What Makes All-On-4® Better Than Other Dental Implants?

Older methods of tooth replacement can involve many implants (as many as 8). Additionally, the nature of these implants is usually more painful and invasive than the All-On-4® method. Unlike All-On-4®, other dental implants can involve bone grafting. This is not suitable for all people, especially those who have frail bones
Plus, it is not uncommon for this method to take up to 12 months to heal – as opposed to the 1-3 days with All-On-4®.

Additionally, the implants are only installed at the end of that long healing process, when the swelling has subsided. Until then, one has to use dentures and endure all the problems they entail. By comparison to All-On-4®, the other dental implant methods are uncomfortable, unwieldy, and take far longer.

Our Point Dental team is trained at the MALO Institute, who were the creators of All-On-4® treatment. We specialise in giving people the All-On-4®, and are also experts at helping people who suffer from dental fear.

Book in a consultation, and we’ll show you how we can help.