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Treatments for a cracked tooth

Have you discovered that grinding of your teeth has caused damage? Perhaps you have suffered some form of trauma to your mouth which has resulted in cracks or chips? All of these problems can cause sensitivity in your teeth, gradual weakening and may cause you to lose confidence in your smile.

What are my options?

With every dental case being different, we recommended you come in for a personalised consultation so our highly trained dentists can evaluate your teeth and advise on the best treatment plan. For these cases, patients are typically given the options of crowns and/or veneers.

What is the treatment time?

Time frames can vary from case to case, generally porcelain veneers will take approximately 4 – 6 weeks to complete the treatment. That is because veneers are custom-made in an external dental laboratory which can take some time to create. You will only need to visit the practice for 2 visits in that time.

How long will they last?

The lifetime of porcelain veneers and crowns rely heavily on your ability to take care of your oral health. Well cared for teeth can last approximately 10 to 20+ years. A high standard of oral health includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day and visiting the dentist for a check up and clean every 6 months. We also recommend reducing the amount of added sugars in your diet and removing sugary drinks altogether. Bacteria reacts with sugars in the mouth turning them into acids that eat away at healthy tooth structures causing decay and damage to fixtures including porcelain veneers. If you can’t seem to kick the sugar habit, try to rinse your mouth out with water after eating or drinking foods and drinks with sugar in them as this will help reduce any sugar left in your mouth.

Is the procedure painful?

Pain levels vary from case to case and each patient can handle varying levels of pain. The truth is that many dental treatments can cause varying levels of discomfort. Veneers treatment requires some preparation of the tooth before individual porcelain shells are bonded to each tooth. prepared teeth can feel sensitive or tender, but this generally subsides soon after the treatment is complete.

Here at The Point Dental, our priority is to ensure our patients are as comfortable and relaxed throughout all procedures as possible. We offer sedation techniques to cater for those patients who suffer from anxiety or are undergoing lengthy treatments.


Crowns are another treatment method that may be offered to treat cracked teeth. Crowns are caps that are bonded over the top of a weakened or cracked too. Crowns add strength and durability to a compromised tooth.

Treatments for a cracked tooth

If you have a cracked or chipped tooth that is causing you discomfort or lack of confidence, contact the team at The Point Dental today to organise a consultation and assessment of your condition.