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I have missing teeth

Both functionally and cosmetically, a missing tooth can cause all sorts of issues and in some cases becoming intolerable. With modern advancements in dental treatment technologies, our team is now able to replace missing teeth with prosthetics, aiding increased function and cosmetic appearance.

What are my options?

Here at The Point Dental we understand that each and every patient and case is different. Keeping this in mind we ask that you come in for a personalised consultation so we can discuss the best options for your smile. We typically offer our patients the options of dental implants , bridges  and cosmetic dentures to fill the gap left by missing teeth.

How long is the treatment time?

Times can vary greatly depending on each individual case and the severity of the issue, generally times are as follows:

Single Dental Implant approx.  3 Months

Porcelain Bridge approx. 2-4 weeks

Cosmetic dentures take approx. 2 – 4 weeks and last approx. 5 years.

How long will it last?

Once again, the lifetime of prosthetics can vary from case to case. It is recommended you take good care of the tooth and employ a daily oral hygiene routine – well looked after implants and bridges can last for long periods of time.

  • Single Dental Implants can last a lifetime if well cared for.
    • Porcelain Bridges generally last for 10-15 years

Is the procedure painful?

Pain levels vary from case to case and each patient can handle varying levels of pain. The truth is that many dental treatments can cause varying levels of discomfort.

Here at The Point Dental our priority is to ensure our patients are as comfortable and relaxed throughout all procedures as possible. We also offer sedation techniques to cater for those patients who suffer from anxiety or are undergoing lengthy treatments.